Sweet Home Alajammer

Sweet Home Alajammer
Sweet Home Alajammer poster

Hey y’all!

Newcastle Roller Girls are pleased to announce their next home bout, Sweet Home Alajammer will take place on Saturday 7th May at a sweet lil’ ranch named The Lightfoot Centre in Walker.

The rootin’ tootin’ Newcastle lassies will be taking on those Dolly Rockit city-slickers from Leicester, for a grudge match back on Geordie soil.

Roll up at 1pm, the opening brawl will begin at 1.30, with the main shoot out at 2.30. Then join us to wet your whistle and hang up your spurs at our hoedown at Mr Lynch from 5pm!

So mount up, cos ready or not, we’re gonna skate.

Tickets £6, under 12s are FREE in, and all under 16s MUST be accompanied by an adult.

By Von Sleaze

Rollers of the Lost Arc, 2nd April 2011


Rollers Of The Lost Arc poster
Rollers Of The Lost Arc poster

Rollers of the Lost Arc

2nd April 2011

Glasgow’s Maiden Grrders v NRG’s Canny Belters

Arc Sports Centre


We’re packing the bus & hitting the North for maybe our toughest bout yet, as NRG take on Glasgow’s mighty Maiden Grrders. The Arc Sports Centre on Cowcaddens Road will be shaken to its foundations as these two tough teams of brawling bruisers battle it out.

Buoyed by their recent scorching home win against Granite City Roller Girls of Aberdeen, can Newcastle take it over the border score their 1st victory on Scottish soil? Or will they be dashed against the Maidens’ legendary walls of steel?

Get yourself to Glasgow for the clash of Clyde vs Tyne.

NRG are media darlings

Media Darlings
Media Darlings

NRG have been all over the local press promoting our 1st home bout. Our press team have gone into overdrive to spread the word about Flog On The Tyne on 5th March 2011:

Tickets available for £7 on the door on the day.

We did a win! Flog on the Tyne blew our minds

Bayonet makes a break for it
Bayonet makes a break for it

NRG v GCRG, March 5, 2011, Lightfoot Centre, Newcastle

NRG 113 – GCRG 63

In the run up to the bout NRG were in training overload, the panic of a first home bout in front of friends and family meant that we worked super hard, got faster, got better, and became a solid team of battling beauties.

We took on GCRG, a team similar to us, a team that we would have to work damn hard to beat, and a team that we knew wouldn’t give us an easy home win (even if we asked them REALLY nicely). The GCRG girls wore red, and wore lots of face paint. NRG wore black and lots of sparkly gold.
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Jingle all the way

and that's why Brie's captain
and that's why Brie's captain

Jingle Belter

December 18, 2010, Lightfoot Centre, Newcastle

Radgies 67 – Tits Magees 53

Festive spirits were running high at NRG’s first intra-league bout just before Christmas.

What started as a fun idea quickly developed into a fully-fledged, action-packed drama as the self-proclaimed Radgie Rollers   and Tits Magees  battled it out for the crown of 2010’s last bout.

The Tits Magees started strong with a bumper line-up in the first few jams of super blockers and experienced jammers, making  it hard for the Radgies to get a foot, or wheel, in a game that lasted only 45 minutes with no half time.

But as the jams added up, the Radgies came out fighting hard,  their jammers really setting the track on fire, which left the Magees struggling to keep the upper hand.

The score was tight all the way through as the teams were deliberately evenly matched  but the Radgies very deservedly won   it in the end with a final score of 67-53.

It all set us off nicely for the Christmas party later on the evening at Hoults Yard – what a belter day it was!

By GG Fox

"We wish you a merry Christmas..."
"We wish you a merry Christmas..."