Visit our practices

This page is for skaters who have already formally passed the WFTDA minimum skills and are skating with another roller derby league.

If you already skate with a roller derby league and you’re passing through Newcastle with your kit, let us know when you’re hoping to visit by emailing coaching(at) The coaches will review your request and let you know which (if any) practices we can accommodate you at. Please note that if you skate for a league with whom we have an upcoming bout agreed, we may not allow you to visit our practices until after the bout.

If you’re looking to start roller derby, check out our I Want To Join! page. If you’re living as a man, why not check out Newcastle’s men’s league Tyne & Fear Roller Derby! If you’re a roller derby referee or NSO and want to visit us, please get in touch directly with our Head Referee Big Smack & Fries at bigsmackandfries(at)

All of our practices are held in sports halls where we have a permanent track taped down. If you are attending our practice, please arrive in footwear suitable for an off skates warm up and bring a solid black and white top with your skater number on the back (and sleeves if applicable).

Our weekly practices

Tuesday evening
18:30 – 20:00 at Walker Activity Dome
This is our advanced WFTDA chartered skaters’ session.  As a rule we don’t invite visitors to these practices as they’re very team-focussed. If this is the only night you’re in town, get in touch and we’ll consider your request depending on what we have planned for that session.

Wednesday evening
19:30 – 21.30 at Walker Activity Dome
This session is for our rostered skaters – so those who have made the WFTDA top 20 charter or the 14 B team spots.  We typically run drills for the first 45 minutes and then have a scrimmage for the remaining time.

Sunday afternoon
12:30 – 14:30 at Walker Activity Dome
This session is for all of our post-minimum-skills skaters, typically featuring intermediate level drills for the first hour and then a scrimmage until the end.

Fab Fridays
‘Fab Fridays’ are monthly open sessions for any non-NRG skaters who want to join us for 1.5 hours of pure scrimmage!
They take place on the last Friday of every month. If you’d like to take part, join the Super Sundays Facebook group.

Additionally, we run a free skate session:

Thursday evening
20:00-21:30 at Lakeside Centre, Killingworth
This is a non-coached session for individuals to work on skills, and is shared with Tyne & Fear Roller Derby.